Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Story of the evil potty - part 1

I might have told some of you about this story but I have made peace with the situation and find it a little funny so I figured I would put it out here.

Ever since we've owned this "evil potty" I swear it's been after me! It always ends up where it's not supposed to. (It does get a little help from evil genius one and two)

These evil geniuses have also decided lately that they are too busy to go back and play once they have just peed so they forget to tell us the evil potty is full of pee.

The other day I was getting the kids dinner ready and the phone rang. There IS a phone in my kitchen but I, of course, decided I wanted the cordless phone which was in our bedroom so I start running and turn the corner to the hallway. Somehow the evil potty found itself right in the middle of my path in the hallway! I try to stop and avoid it but with my super mommy speed and knit socks on the hardwood floors, I found myself sliding right to IT so I decide to jump. Super mommy landed passed the evil potty but I stepped on a pair of pants (evidence evil genius #2 had just been there). I slipped back, tripped on the evil potty and fell right into IT! And yes... it was full of pee! YAK! I get up, slip on the pee and fall right back into it.

I hate potties...

**update** We have now bought a seat to put over our bathroom toilet so they have now been mandated to head to the bathroom for they pee breaks.

PS. I have other evil potty stories... I'll try to find time during the holidays to write them down

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