Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's coming Santa's coming!!!

I just can't wait for the holidays and to get together with the family! Mmmm turkey, lobster rolls, meat pies, cookies, etc etc!

But I'm super excited to see Patrick and Jérémie's faces when they wake up christmas morning and see that Père Noël came by :)

Père Noël came to our house for a visit last week! The boys were sooo excited! Patrick was screaming with excitement when I told them that he was coming over to talk to them. My dad knew the guy and was with him at another function that evening. I was actually supposed to go with the kids but Phil had to work and it was going to be past their bed time. My dad called and said Père Noël suggested he come over to our house!

When he came in the kids were in "AW"! They shook his hand sat on his lap as soon as he sat down. Once they told him what they wanted for christmas: Hockey skates, hockey jersey, hockey sticks (like we don't have enough already!!), hockey helmet, etc.. Santa actually played hockey in our living room with them! They still talk about that!

The only thing that was hard, was trying to explain to Patrick why Sant wasn't coming RIGHT back. He stood at the window for a while and kept telling me: " Don't worry mama, he'll be right back with my skates!" Poor thing.

Now. Since they saw Santa leave with pépére's car, they think pépére is friends with Santa... which is perrrrfect! Yesterday they weren't behaving so I said they weren't being nice. As soon as the words "not nice" came out of my mouth they said they'll be nice and not to tell pépére because Santa would know. hehehehe *evil laugh*

Although my camera hasn't been working to great lately, I did get a chance to take a few pictures. Thank god or I would of been pretty sad! Especially since this Santa looked so real! I almost sat on his lap... you know.... just in case ;-)

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