Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to the family...

...dear Elantra Touring!

We bought a new car!

Although I have to say that I wasn't too happy about the concept of getting a new vehicule last week. I was in Moncton two weekends ago for work. Sunday morning I got up early so I could be home by lunch so we could go to " la cabane a sucre". I was super excited! Got in the car and what do I hear?? NOthing! The stupid van wouldn't start! Our engine light and ABS light had turned on.

I immediately called my dad to see if he was still at the hotel. (He was there for the same meetings I was) We try a few things and my dad thought that maybe there wasn't enough gas in the car. I knew there was but the gas gage hadn't been working properly for a while so I couldn't be 100% certain. We did put more gas in it but with no luck... AND of course there are no garages open on sunday. My dad was coming back down to Moncton the next day for work so we decided that I would ride back to Bathurst with him and Phil would come back to Moncton the next day to try to either fix it or get it back home.

The next day Phil called a mechanic his uncle knew and he tolled him to hit the gas tank a few times with a stick while my dad tried to start the car. It worked! So he put more gas in the piece of junk and drove it back to Bathurst, straight to the garage.

We had to replace the fuel pump which we got a good price for... 600$. Next day (tuesday) I figured I would try and plan ahead by going to see our financial adviser just in case. I got home after our meeting and picked up my suit case to go to work and what do I hear?? NOthing! It wouldn't start again!! I called the office and tolled them I wouldn't be in for the second day in a row. We got to the garage and the next day they replaced something for about 300$. So... everything is all good right? NO! Wednesday it wouldn't start again! Argh!!

My mom was sick that day so I borrowed her van to go to work. (There was a storm that day and the office ended up closing that morning.. of course)

I figured I would rent myself a car since I needed one for another weekend trip with work on friday.

At this point our van is a 2002 piece a crap and we couldn't keep putting so much money into it. The mechanic replaced something else but didn't charge us the other 300$ it should of cost us. We then drove it directly to a dealership and got it appraised for a trade-in while it still worked!!

So yesterday (tuesday), almost a week after our troubles started we are now owners of a new 2010 Elantra Touring!

We aren't really financially strong right now but we needed a new vehicule... The new car smell made me forget all our worries :) But plans for baby #3 are on hold for a little while.

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