Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two lines means just one baby, right? :)

I knew I wasn't going to be good at this blogging thing :)

Last night we found out I was growing baby 3! I was a little agitated since, in my head, I was thinking we would probably get pregnant this spring so this wasn't in my «right now» plans. Although I started being excited not to long after. I know it's still early (4weeks, 4 days) but I have a feeling this baby will stick.... hopefully it will just be one. Not more! I think pregnancy tests should show extra lines to indicate multiples!!

Phils first reaction was: is this possible financially :) He gets pretty anal about that kind of stuff but that's why I love him. he just wants to make sure we will all be ok and taken care of. But now he's pretty excited too!

We actually just browsed names before he left for work and he is just the pickiest person ever for boy names!! Hopefully we'll find something. I like Caleb or Kael... we'll see if he likes does :)

For a girl I like the name Melika and he likes it too so that's a plus! We might change our minds by the time this peanut is born... we'll just have to wait and see.

Patrick and Jeremie keep saying they want a sister. I wouldn't mind a little girl but I would be happy with whichever. I love my hockey boys :)