Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who says boys don't like house work?

Vacuuming :)

Emptying the dishwasher

*These videos were made during a week I had lost my voice, so the freaky sounding person in the background isn't what I usually sound like :)

Stupid doctors

As some of you might know, Patrick was born with club feet.

Since he was born a preemie, his feet were still farely flexible, plus they started casting his feet at the young age of 3 weeks old. (some good actually came from them being so early I guess)

In this picture they are about 3 months old.

Once again in his casts, Patrick is about 7 months old here.

When we were living in Ontario we had appointments for recasting every 2 weeks, then after a while, every month. After a few months his feet were doing so much better so they decided to put the little boots on him. (I can't find a picture of him with his boots right now, I'll post it when I do find one)

When they were a year old we moved back to New-Brunswick, where there are no orthopeadics specialists... I figured there was but there isn't. So the closest hospital that does have one is IWK in Halifax Nova Scotia, which is about 6 hours from here. I hate it.

Our first appointment with them was when Patrick was about 18 months old. It took 6 months to get that appointment and when we got there they did nothing! He looked at him quick and said to wait a little since he had just been walking for about one month. The REASON he started walking so late was probably BECAUSE of his feet. I'm not stupid. It wasn't my first appointment with an orthopaedic.

Well it's now almost a year later and still no second appointment. They keep pushing it back. They either don't return my calls, put me on hold for at less 30 minutes at a time, or just tell me I have to wait my turn and I'll have an appointment eventually. ARGhhhhhhh!! I called on friday and the women said my appointment should be the last week of june. I tolled her it was still so far away; then all of a sudden she starts speaking to someone behind her and comes back to tell me she actually can't guarantee that appointment. WTH?

The reason I've been calling is that his feet aren't getting better. I feel so bad for Patrick. He can walk and run but he wobbles. I wish they would just do something. They talked about casting and/or operating. Well he's getting older and I would rather they do any of those things right now then wait till he's older where it might bother him more.

My poor darling actually trips on his own feet when running sometimes.

I know it's normal for children to fall... but having two kids the same age makes me compare. People say we shouldn't compare twins but for things like this, I really think it's helpful. Jérémie falls once in a while too but it's just not the same.

Sometimes I wish I was still in Ontario and think that maybe if we were still there... his feet would be so much better by now.

Yay Jérémie!

He was probably so pooped-out from our morning at the park and playing hockey in our drive-way, that he didn't noticed he passed out in his bed instead of his crib!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sleeping arrangements

Patrick has always been the calmer twin when it comes to sleeping arrangements so, by elimination, my little buddy Jérémie has been the reason why we've waited so long to convert to "big boy" beds.

When we put Patrick to bed, we usually find him the next morning in the same position we left him the night before. Jeremie on the other hand is the wild child that needs to be caged in his crib... probably until he's a teenager. He's the one that takes his diaper off and paints his crib and walls "brown". And my dear Jérémie is also the one that decided he didn't like his crib mattress (see exhibit A below)

He's not hercules. He just found the ONE little tiny hole there was in the mattress and pulled. Of course... what else would someone do when they found a hole?

I could hear him in his crib playing BUT the sounds were different this time. I went down stairs to find his mattress next to him in an accordion style and with white cotton all over the room! Let's just say I took a deep breath and went back up stairs for a minute and just left him there before I picked everything up. (He'd been bratty all morning so my patience was already thin)

This was in march.

We were planning on buying their big boy beds during the summer so we debated whether we were going to:
  • Buy the beds right now;
  • buy a new crib mattress;
  • or try to salvage that one.

Well Phil decided he wanted to salvage the cotton-puff-thing-so-called-mattress. It worked but we ended up buying the beds last month anyways.

This leads me to another Jérémie story.... obviously :)
First night they had the beds they were super excited and wanted nothing to do with their cribs. From hearing other stories of toddlers converting to

bigger beds, I figured I would have to go back and forth putting them to bed. After 45 minutes, not a peep! "Wow, if I would of known it was going to be this easy I would have done it earlier!"

But all of a sudden I hear a noise so I go check up on the boys. Patrick was asleep and almost drooling. I then open Jérémie's door. The poor darling was sitting on the floor, at the end of his bed, in the dark with his teddy and blanket. I asked him if he was okay and he then proceeded to run to me and tell me: "J'ai peur!" which means I'm scared! I asked him if he wanted to go in his crib and he said yes right away.

Ahhhh poor thing just broke my heart when he tolled me he was scared! I wanted him to calm down and sleep at night but I didn't want to scare him to death!

Sooooo it's been a week and Patrick is still sleeping like a pro in his new bed... Jérémie is in his crib. He'll get the hang of it at some point. I don't ACTUALLY think he'll be in his crib till he's a teenager ;)

Patrick sleeping

Jérémie not sleeping

PS. We haven't decorated their rooms yet. I know they look pretty blah but we'll get there. There are still more renovations we want to do around the house but that's another post.

There's a first for everything!

To be honest, the whole blogging thing seems strange to me. I love reading other people's blogs but for me to write one myself feels weird. Maybe because I can't write and I can't seem to find anything interesting to say. HA! But somehow a friend of mine convinced me it would be a good idea to put my thoughts out in a blog. It can't be that bad, can it?

Wish me luck!!!