Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sleeping arrangements

Patrick has always been the calmer twin when it comes to sleeping arrangements so, by elimination, my little buddy Jérémie has been the reason why we've waited so long to convert to "big boy" beds.

When we put Patrick to bed, we usually find him the next morning in the same position we left him the night before. Jeremie on the other hand is the wild child that needs to be caged in his crib... probably until he's a teenager. He's the one that takes his diaper off and paints his crib and walls "brown". And my dear Jérémie is also the one that decided he didn't like his crib mattress (see exhibit A below)

He's not hercules. He just found the ONE little tiny hole there was in the mattress and pulled. Of course... what else would someone do when they found a hole?

I could hear him in his crib playing BUT the sounds were different this time. I went down stairs to find his mattress next to him in an accordion style and with white cotton all over the room! Let's just say I took a deep breath and went back up stairs for a minute and just left him there before I picked everything up. (He'd been bratty all morning so my patience was already thin)

This was in march.

We were planning on buying their big boy beds during the summer so we debated whether we were going to:
  • Buy the beds right now;
  • buy a new crib mattress;
  • or try to salvage that one.

Well Phil decided he wanted to salvage the cotton-puff-thing-so-called-mattress. It worked but we ended up buying the beds last month anyways.

This leads me to another Jérémie story.... obviously :)
First night they had the beds they were super excited and wanted nothing to do with their cribs. From hearing other stories of toddlers converting to

bigger beds, I figured I would have to go back and forth putting them to bed. After 45 minutes, not a peep! "Wow, if I would of known it was going to be this easy I would have done it earlier!"

But all of a sudden I hear a noise so I go check up on the boys. Patrick was asleep and almost drooling. I then open Jérémie's door. The poor darling was sitting on the floor, at the end of his bed, in the dark with his teddy and blanket. I asked him if he was okay and he then proceeded to run to me and tell me: "J'ai peur!" which means I'm scared! I asked him if he wanted to go in his crib and he said yes right away.

Ahhhh poor thing just broke my heart when he tolled me he was scared! I wanted him to calm down and sleep at night but I didn't want to scare him to death!

Sooooo it's been a week and Patrick is still sleeping like a pro in his new bed... Jérémie is in his crib. He'll get the hang of it at some point. I don't ACTUALLY think he'll be in his crib till he's a teenager ;)

Patrick sleeping

Jérémie not sleeping

PS. We haven't decorated their rooms yet. I know they look pretty blah but we'll get there. There are still more renovations we want to do around the house but that's another post.


  1. Ahhhh how sweet. I love the bedding. Zac needs a new comforter, maybe I'll look for one of those for Xmas.

    I'm the one who is "scared" to move Cassidy out of her crib, she sleeps so good I don't want to mess with it.

  2. You could put in a LED night light near the bed and put a 'boudin' pillow under the sheet to act like a rail barrier to keep him from rolling out of bed.

    Kiara needed more light in her room and since we added a brighter nightlight she is suddenly sleeping ALL night :) Wished I tried it sooner LOL

    Welcome to blogging! :)

  3. Awww poor little scared Jeremie! My sympathies on the mattress. I can honestly say that's a new one for me. And I'm grateful Jamie and Meredith can't read!