Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do I HAVE to potty train my kids?

Jérémie stayed on the potty for hours without even peeing! He just didn't want to get up and put on a diaper. Who am I to drag him off the potty if he wants to be there since we're "training" and all. It's just so annoying waiting on him especially when it's almost bed time or when we're trying to go out somewheres.
Ok... When I say hours I actually mean 30 minutes but it seemed to last for hours!
He's just not that interested.
Usually when he has his sitting sessions it's right after Patrick has peed in the potty and got the potty dance and surprise. Sometimes he wants to pee so bad he turns red from trying but nothing comes out since his diaper was friggin full!
Patrick on the other hand has been a super big boy lately!! He's been wearing big boy underwear for two days now during the day with no accidents! He even peed standing up the other day without even leaving a tinkle on the sit! If Patrick gets trained then I'm sure Jérémie will follow soon enough... even if it doesn't feel like it.
Now, if they could just stop sitting down in front the each other when one pees to watch each other from up close! One of theses days someone is going to end up with pee on their face!


  1. Good luck!!! Jordan seems to have NO desire to potty train. She'll sit on the seat, sometimes. but won't do anything in it. I've tried letting her go around in underwear or underwear under a diaper, but being wet doesn't bother her.

  2. Same here... I don't like to think about it but if we didn't change Jeremie he'd walk around in his pee and poop all day and it wouldn't bother him a bit.