Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're married!

I couldn't be happier!

After being engaged for so long I was happy to finally "get it over with" but in the good way!

Everything went perfectly. Ok, not perfectly... there were minor things but nothing that I could say ruined our day. We don't get stressed out for much.

1. I injured my left knee some how a few days before the wedding and ended up going to the hospital because I had swelling and water in the knee. They gave me pretty strong stuff which helped but I only stopped limping the day before the wedding. It did still hurt the day of the wedding but in this weird way, I kind of blocked out the pain. Although the next day was a little painful, I was fortunate enough to have parents who took care of the whole next day brunch thing at their house. I didn't lift a finger except to open presents!

2. We had decided to see each other before the ceremony to take pictures. Once we got to the location, everyone gathered around this really nice pond where Patrick, Jeremie, my nieces and nephew started feeding the fishes. One of my friends was holding my bouquet and she gave it to Patrick so he could bring it to me. He was on his way when all of sudden he halts, turns around and proceeded to throw my bouquet in the pond! All I could think to say was that I didn't need a bouquet :) I guess I really WAS in a good mood. Someone fished it out with a pole and my friend dried it with her hair drier and it worked out just fine. Personnally I think it's just a nice little story to tell about our day.

3. We forgot to do the whole garter and bouquet thing! I was so into the dancing :) Late in the evening the DJ came to see me and mentionned it to me but it was so late that by then a lot of people had left. But I'm really not a traditionnal person so I didn't really care. I didn't feel like stopping everything just for that!

4. (The rest didn't really bother me but this next one did) The cake. Worst cake ever. We didn't cut it, we didn't serve it and I'm totally happy the photographer didn't take a picture of it. We paid a professional to make a good classy cake for us and I even gave her a picture of what I wanted and it looked nothing like it! It was patched in some places, the tiers weren't even, and it was small. There is no way it could of fed all of our guests. Worst cake ever... it was almost embarassing. But we hid it in a corner and didn't mention it to anyone. Boooooo to our cake lady.

On the up side, everything else was perfect!! Our photographer was super duper nice and great, the boys were angels, it was great to see family and friends that came down from far away (even from Germany!) plus Phil and I looked great if I do say so myself!! haha

THANKS to everyone that celebrated our wonderful day with us till the wee-hours of the morning!

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  1. What a gorgeous bride! And that story about Patrick and the bouquet? Well that is one of those great stories that will never be forgotten and be handed down through the generations forever.